Travel with a Butler

No Experientiality® journey begins without one of our European trained, academy-graduate butlers as they are the essence of the House of DreamMaker. Without them, all you have is luxury and a concept of how it should be. The last thing a client wants is to be paraded through a carousel of superb experiences without the ability to make changes in present time based on their whims and body clocks. Not only does our butler execute immediate adjustments, his onsight judgment calls are imperative for keeping the trip flowing on plan, without structure.


  • Accompanies the client throughout the trip, orchestrating a seamless client experience with the support and direction of the 24-hour command center
  • Assists with packing and unpacking luggage in each locale
  • Advances stores for requested items
  • Advances restaurants to coordinate with the chef and sommelier
  • Manages all room service details
  • Expedites schedule modifications based on the whims of the client
  • Circles back to shops to arrange shipping/tax credits for purchases
  • Coordinates laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Handles all communications and phone calls so client can disconnect
  • Execute all signature touches and experiences