“It’s 6:25 am and I’m finally checking my email. Went to bed around 2:30 am. Alarm went off at 6 and I literally crawled out of bed, went downstairs, made myself some nice strong Kona coffee (no – it was not a “kona blend”) and sat on my kitchen floor. My next thought was “did that really happen last night or was it a dream?” – the evening was that spectacular. My phone started ringing about 8 am with guest calling me to say “thank you” and wanting to go over the party again in great detail. Each and every person said it was the best party they had ever been to and I’m not saying that to make you feel good – they really said it. More importantly, Mark sent me beautiful flowers today with a note saying, “Thank you for the most amazing birthday I have ever had”. I have something I would like to send you – is it okay to use the Smith street address? Xoxo Newie (your new best friend)”


50th Birthday Party

“I think it’s best said, when your children tell you that was the best trip ever, that you guys did an excellent job! Thank you very much to you and your staff for pulling off a wonderful week in Barcelona.”

Mr Smith and family of 4

(15+ corporative incentives & family holidays)

“I wanted to circle back with you to tell you what a wonderful time we had and to thank you. My goal was to create lasting memories for Matt, Danny, and myself and proof of that was yesterday when I invited my family over to my new house. My Italian mother made us all dinner and during dinner my family was asking questions about the trip and specifically what their favourite part was. Almost in unison, both Matt and Danny said… “Mandel!” I agree. He was the highlight of our trip and considering how many amazing things we did and saw was quite a testament to him. What an amazingly beautiful and interesting guy. We walked in the door from a long day and the wonderful smells of his cooking permeated the house. He immediately emerged from the kitchen, greeted us, and handed both Danny and Matt an empanada. He told them to… “eat this” as he made it with love just for them. As if trained rats, they moved their mouth (something they would have never – ever eaten) and their jaws dropped. We ended up having great conversation while he cooked and the kids got to experience something that was quite special; someone who had a true and endearing passion for what he did. They have talked about it several times since. I asked my kids to each write you a short note and they are attached (I did not edit them at all, these are their words, grammatical errors and all 🙂 Thank you again for yet another Gregory “special”. Tickler me for a New Zealand trip when it is the optimal time to go, that’s my next “boys” trip.

Danny, age 15

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done to make our trip unforgettably marvelous. You really thought of everything when it came to planning this vacation.it was just spectacular thank you veeeerrrrry much. My favourite part was the all day adventure. Even when things looked bad with the flight delay. You were able to put us in the best resort ever!! Also, I’m happy it was delayed because we would never have met the two families that we did. Lastly, thank you for getting us in first class, it was awesome. I am truly grateful for everything.”

Matt, aged 13

“The entire trip was simply incredible and I enjoyed every moment we spend in Costa Rica. The scuba diving was my personal favourite activity, although each and everything we did was enjoyable. Miguel, the chef that cooked us dinner one night in Tamarindo, was particularly awesome and that created a night I won’t soon forget. You really lived up to your name, “The DreamMaker”. I’m sure a lot of work was involved and I’m thankful we found you. Again, thanks for everything Gregory.”


Family of 3