Our Philosophy

The House of DreamMaker has built its foundation on the idea that memories of one’s best-loved experiences become their favorite stories. We are entirely committed to providing happiness, not only to our guests but our staff, our friends, our family, and most particularly, to ourselves as individuals. Each experience is a chapter in a larger storyline – an essential outcome we strive for in each and every experience we create. It is the foundation of what makes up The House of DreamMaker; delivering authentic experiential designs at the turn of every corner.

Our Vision of Social Entrepreneurism

The House of DreamMaker is more than a house of brands dedicated to authentic travel and event experiences. We are a group of individuals committed to building profit with purpose. We see the world as our stage filled with endless possibilities – and through our creative experiences, we relish the opportunity to help children across the oceans, making it a better and brighter place for everyone. We are the House of DreamMaker and this is our vision in the making.