Does Experientiality require a retainer?

Experientiality requires a retainer in the same way a top attorney would ask for such before investing time and resources.. Each experience, be it an event or a trip to be remembered, requires dozens of hours just to concept, design, plan logistics and perform the cost analysis to ascertain the exact budget required for its execution. It ensures that we are not depleting our favors and goodwill with our partners and suppliers while wisely allocating the optimum use of our internal resources to the benefit of our existing clients.

What does “experiential” mean in the context of travel?

Experiential goes much further than observing of visuals and information. It is putting one in the “beingness” of a time and space that delivers an emotional impact having experienced or observed it firsthand.

What is the average price of a Experientiality vacation?

The average price of an Experientiality trip is more accurately communicated in the cost per day. This personally designed experiences will range from $900.00 to $2,500.00 per person, per day on average, all inclusive. We have some designs that can be a substantial multiple of this range but this is generally due to the fact they include uber-luxe private jets, superyachts and/or celebrity companions throughout your journey.

Are the services of a butler necessary?

The butler is the CEO of our guest experience. Only a few have traveled with a true butler and they would say that the absence of one whilst traveling would be akin to walking into a fine dining restaurant and having to personally organize your dinner and its presentation with the kitchen. To render flawless execution and real time management of your program, the distinguished services of our butlers are a necessity.

What is the function of a 24-hour command center?

For three decades, the House of DreamMaker has used a “command center” in order to stay proactive with anticipated changes likely in any creative travel program – while keeping it on plan vs. structured. Our traveling butlers are the “eyes and ears” on the ground – the CEO of the guest experience. Our crew in the command center are following every moment, gauging at all times what may go off schedule, require changes, or assistance. Each locality has a Managing Partner and supports our traveling butler with their local connections, language and expertise to collectively deliver flawless execution.