Chief Creative Officer Gregory Patrick is The “DreamMaker”, an experiential artist and founder of the world’s first Experience Design firm with a 29-year-old legacy. Mr. Gregory is an expert in strategy, cost analysis, creative sourcing, and procurement of hospitality services in 68 countries, including cultural content, the hospitality landscape, on-site management of logistics, and the execution of programs with one-of-a-kind experiences.


As the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of DreamMaker® & Experientiality®, the newly expanded organization will open 20 new offices avoiding a vertical overhead by selecting successful hospitality service providers in new markets, giving DreamMaker® a footprint on five continents. Gregory’s focus will be on marketing, creative, public relations and training the DreamTeam.

Gregory Patrick


Founder & Chief Creative Officer


Founder & Chief Creative Officer Gregory was educated early on at the prestigious “Wick & Parkfield” (United Kingdom) and Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, New Hampshire, dropping out at 15, naturally aspiring to one day join the ranks of Richard Branson, David Karp and Joe Lewis


For almost three decades, Gregory has honed his craft as an Experiential Artist to transform travel into an art form. He has been the exclusive domain of royalty, celebrity, and the “uber-wealthy”.


Created experiential events for disadvantaged children in the Philippines and donated over $1 million in gifts to children’s charities and other worthy causes worldwide.