How would one travel the world if there were no limitations? Envision a vacation filled with nearly unfathomable luxury, a global excursion that caters to jetsetters’ every innermost desire…a trip so astonishing one could only call it fantasy. Luckily, you can stop imagining, as experiential travel boutique DreamMaker has just launched a world-class vacation around the globe, turning the most affluent travelers’ wildest dreams into reality.

Passport to 50 is DreamMaker’s first private jet offering, and it represents the absolute most over-the-top opulent trip around the world ever devised. From accommodations to experiences to cuisine, not a single expense has been spared. The trip features two privately outfitted Boeing 767 business jets that will fly guests to twenty remarkable cities in twenty days. And at every step along the way, they will experience a level of astonishing luxury typically only reserved for royalty.