Flight of The Dragons

21 Destinations | 21 Days | 50,000 Kilometers
50 Friends and a Cast of 50

DreamMaker® and Experientiality® are the first to introduce Experiential Aviation as the pinnacle of private aviation when chartering our special private jet liner.This unparalleled experience in the sky that transforms notions of private jet travel from being a mode of transportation to an experience all on its own by innovating and enhancing the experience from wheels up to wheels down.

Key features include inflight exercise and relaxation yoga sessions, charity poker tourney with world top-ranked poker players, spa services, and fashion shows. Among other treats, guests will receive bespoke cabin amenities such as custom monogrammed silk pajamas, cashmere eye masks and slippers, unique toiletries, and travel wallets. Our guests are serviced by British butlers and an executive sous chef on board to fulfil their needs and desires.

Thinking far beyond the ordinary concept of travel sleep, DreamMaker® has appointed a hypnotherapist to develop a holistic program that integrates cutting-edge wearable sleep technology with alternative wellness techniques such as hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, Ayurvedic medicine, and the attention of a Doctor of Acupuncture.

The services of a photojournalist, videographer, and social media secretary are enlisted to document the trip for guests on board, leaving more bandwidth for clients to enjoy the many aspects of their vacation.