There is quite simply no better first impression of Austria than Vienna. Unashamedly opulent, from a coffee to a waltz, the Viennese do everything with added panache. Viennese cultural life is defined by much more than its impressive museums cafes and restaurants. Schloss Belvedere is one of the world’s finest baroque palaces. The DreamMaker will immerse you into its history and take you back to a time forgotten….one you’ll remember always.

Imagine a morning that begins at the un-Godly hour of 5:00 a.m. that whisks you through the lake’s fresh air as you float over the castle at Lake Bled. But that’s only one way to float through the air as the DreamMaker lets you experience flying on a glider over the Julian Alps…. and even though your pilot doesn’t understand a word of English, ear to ear smiles are always universal. River rafting on water that looks like it could only see reality through a paintbrush. Mountaintop picnics, train rides and literally some of the best food around impresses. And the DreamMaker has plenty of surprises that everyone will enjoy.

In Slovenia, the people are sincere, the food gets better every day and you feel like you have found the epicenter of God’s green Earth. Tobogganing, river rafting (and river boarding) followed by a picnic… all daily fare.

Split takes Croatian history to a whole other level, it is the perfect place to enjoy your getaway. With a past that spans over one and a half millennia and influences from countless invaders; the buildings that line the tangled labyrinth of passage ways will have you begging to discover more about this intriguing country



  • Ride over river rapids and let the wild riverbed carry as you negotiate the rapids
  • Horse Trekking up to a 10th century castle
  • Hot air ballooning, Bear watching, Summer Tobogganing, High-speed Rib Racing and Fly Fishing, Glider Rides and Mountain extravaganza
  • An expert architect to immerse you in “The Sinking of Venice”