Up to Six Fathers and Sons can depart on a Thursday or Friday and have that special weekend without the rough edges of road weariness. We use Houston as a jumping off point and drive through New Orleans for a killer lunch and an interesting experience. We then drive into the countryside and visit one of the best historic plantation homes you can find. then we make our way down to where the fishing is – Venice, the location is perfect!

Venice is where the Mississippi river spills into the Gulf of Mexico. This means that millions of tons of nutrients flow down the river right through Venice, Louisiana.

Your boats are one 36’ Yellowfin with three-350 HP Yamaha engines with a max cruising speed of 50 knots and a 30 ft ProKat powered by two 400 HP Yamaha engines.

This two day father & son adventure can be expanded to three days easily, allowing for a more leisurely pace. Our DreamFish Lodge allows excellent access to the marina and hearty meals to set your day off right.


  • Super Coach to turn driving into a social experience
  • Professional Driver so you can nap, party or be on your laptop
  • Concierge wearing many hats - serving drinks, coordinating all movements, keeping you supplied and on schedule... and off the phone
  • Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse on arrival at the Golden Nugget Resort & Casino with a few hours gaming or a C & W concert
  • A visit to a historic Antebellum
  • New Orleans best French/Cajun casual restaurant
  • Yellowfin Capital of the world! Catches can include Wahoo, Amberjack, Grouper, Snapper, Mahi, Cobia, Marlin & more
  • An Experientiality designed Tour of New Orleans - off the beaten path of course
  • Suitcase full of clay chips, cards and felt cloth for poker for the drive down or back