Birthday Party Planning

Everything the DreamMaker designs is based on the initial interviews. If you’re looking for a “band and a bartender”, we’re probably not a good fit.

If you want to an experience created that will be talked about ad nauseam, the DreamMaker is your man.

As an experiential artist, The DreamMaker wis tenacious when he seeks a component to your experience. Story; he once saw a homeless man in Denver on YouTube haul in 5,000,000 views crushing Prince on Purple Rain. Everything was done to find him, but as he was homeless, it took a few days to put a phone in his ear – he was game but refused to fly. Three days driving cross-country, our car dropped him at the venue and magic was brought center stage.

Your experience is a painting. It takes 100’s of brush strokes to make it a story.

Highlights are created for you. You can expect the following;

  • Entertainment procured from all corners of the earth - YouTube sensations tracked down and brought in so your experience can be unique with a story
  • Event design so creative and edgy, your guest experience is one that leaves them at a loss for words
  • A level of guest to service ratio that is far above the norm and design that sets your event apart. set design is important, “experience design” is what makes the difference
  • Chefs ranked as “among the best around” by their peers brought in (the best chefs generally represent the top restaurants rather than reside in catering companies)
  • Creative negotiations that often result in complimentary spirits and fine wines for larger events.