Given the controversy Havana seems to perpetuate, it’s fitting for the non-typical bachelor party as no other traveling party would roll with the punches.

When the DreamMaker designs your jaunt into the unknown, expect a surprise at every turn. The hotels still leave something to be desired so we use private properties, as privacy is in short supply. Sometimes, we  buy out a hotel giving you an exclusive oasis.  Experientiality goes far beyond having party after party – it would be criminal not to suck in as much of the local culture as possible and it lacks nothing in that department.

We like to bring the most interesting Cubanos to you – new friends with long stories to boot. Great food, their amazing brand of salsa, a few movers and shakers (which make up today’s daring entrepreneur) and of course, plenty of pretty smiles to keep things even more interesting.


  • Fabulous catered dinner party for 46 people including 20 Cuban fashion models, ten esteemed from the country's politico and eight accomplished guests of honor with a magazine to cover the entire week.
  • Guests of Honor include a Cuba demi-God, the King of the Bash, Jose Canseco for an exciting bridge to cultural interaction , world champion boxers (amateur and pro alike) and a whole cast of characters making your party the place to be.
  • A day three pool party like no other with 15 pool girls, DJ to make sounds catered paella and Cuban sandwiches, spritzer girls, iPods for gifts, and massage’s all around
  • Parties will feature unlimited spirits, live bands, games, rolled cigars by an aficionado, the Cuban Olympic aquatic ballerina team and great food and frolic