Beyond simply serving your drinks on luxury vans or setting silverware atop a table on a mountain or a rice paddy, your butlers are an integral part of the DreamMaker experience. Hailing from some of the most storied households including that of David Beckham or Buckingham Palace, our butlers do not carry the title lightly. They are highly astute professionals from the Netherlands, Spain and England with impeccable training, able to anticipate your needs and execute the experience with poise, confidence and forward thinking that is second nature in their profession.

Drive towards the Village Feast where villagers will be personally invited to dine with you as we knock on each of their doors with English-Speaking chefs – it’s difficult for them to decline a raucous night of premium beers, gourmet local food, and music to boot.

“Chefs will have advanced to a chosen place and presents a spit-roasted baby calf, the quintessential bowl and pho, and fusion dishes to delight not only you, but the locals who participate (after a ‘gift of friendship’ to a local Communist Party chief who will grant permission for them to attend”.

This is The DreamMaker’s reverse flow of today’s commoditized “eat at a locals home”.

And along the way, to the delight of all the children encountered, you’ll be handing out up to a 1000 Pokemon stuffed toys!


  • DreamMaker delivers a never-done-before experience involving victims of the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge - chilling but heartwarming
  • An hour long paintball experience with an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist winner in air pistol shooting
  • Point to point transportation via military helicopters, private jets, seaplanes, a yacht and Harley Davidson motorcycles in tandem with luxury limousine style vans
  • A high-stakes treasure hunt which takes place in the birthplace of the rarest pearls in the world.
  • Another Dreammaker original as you experience an entire village being led to a spot where you entertain them and immerse yourself in their culture
  • Put on your genie hat - sit back and enjoy the smiles and laughter of 50 ‘wish kids’ as 50 Make-A-Wish dreams... come true.