Most families hop into a suburban, stay in a few B & B’s and take in the highlights. The more you drive, the more you see and there can be the challenge. When The DreamMaker designs an experience, It represents the ultimate symphony of sights, sounds and tastes orchestrated in such a way the “buts” are removed from the story later told. The butler is your host and concierge extraordinaire, all experiences are enhanced and never shared with others.

Small planes and helicopters are used to leapfrog you over the slow drives and traffic in order to absorb more of the good stuff. Culinary experiences no one else gets to do except you, because we created it for you versus booking it for you. The right mix of delights for the vertically challenged and everything mom and dad love to do, all blended together seamlessly.


  • New England including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Quebec
  • Farm to Fork, Picnics, Lobster Diving, Clam Bakes, Lobsters boiled and grilled on a schooner at sunset and killer restaurants
  • Million-dollar Super-coach, professional driver, mobile chef, butler extraordinaire, "on-call" guitarist , hop-on and off characters along the way and an optional nanny
  • Amazing scenery, whale watching, hot air ballooning, luxurious and charming bed and breakfasts
  • Private aircraft and a helicopter to keep the journey moving