DreamMaker takes the best of Jamaica but supplements the experience with its own British Butler and Chef flown in, incorporating the incredible local culture, hospitality and flavors but taking everything to an entirely new level altogether

Spend seven (7) nights in a 9,200 sq ft private villa discovering the truly unique culture of the undeniably rhythmic Jamaican people, as well as the natural beauty that they call home.

Perched on craggy shorelines, amongst the crystalline waters of the Carribean sea lies DreamMaker’s favourite green jewel. An Island paradise adventure, where the familiar sound of Reggae and the sweet scent of jerk chicken woft in the air guiding the weary traveller in.

Your Safari into the exotic culture of the Rastafari begins as soon as you touch down, A private car takes you to your exquisite 9,200 sq ft. private villa perched in a prime location right on the beach. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done Jamaica, or think you have ~ when you roll with The DreamMaker, it’s a totally different enchilada.


  • Seven (7) nights in a luxurious 9,200 sq ft Villa in Jamaica
  • A mini-coaster bus with a driver for the entire week, sun up to lights out and always a mini-bar with cold beverages
  • DreamMaker’s European Butler as the CEO of the your guest experience
  • A Dreammaker Chef ~ eager to blend the flavors of his repertoire and those of the local persuasion
  • Nanny each day to look after the children
  • Full time Masseuse for massages on demand
  • A dozen different activities for all sorts and ages ~ family fun crafted just for you and included in your trip
  • The “Huckleberry Finn” Experience ~ Meander down a slow, winding river through the jungle as you are served ice cold drinks and serenaded by your personal musician playing Jamaica’s most celebrated and funny songs
  • "Who knows the Jerk?" ~ Family cook-off ~ The Dreammaker has the world’s best, kick ass, Jerk Chicken - so special, he won’t even share it with any of the locals ~ After being presented every ingredient (ever used), the family will compete against each other ~ it’ll be interesting to see who pulls it off
  • Family Olympics ~ DreamMaker is known for creating the craziest custom-made three hour adventures immersing your family into what is in essence the outside version of an "escape room" ~ a ton of fun and laughs or we wouldn't have created it
  • Adventure in Jamaica ~ Ziplining through the Jamaican jungle, ATV Adventure to secluded beaches and historic sugar-cane farms and paintball
  • Slow River Rafting ~ Float the swift moving waters down Jamaica's Rio Bueno
  • Luminous Lagoon ~ Glistening Waters in a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica.