While it’s easy to identify the more obvious aspects of the outback’s attraction, there’s one thing that’s less easy to compute: its strange, almost magical allure. This place is spiritual with an intangible call that defies easy explanation, especially when you drop down in the middle of nowhere and find yourself surrounded by silence. In such moments lies the mysterious call of the outback. This is Australia.

Often, your transformation happens when your native guides you, as you get lost in the rituals and celebration of an indigenous festival.

In order to put you into this natural habitat with the tribes that live in the bush is by having our over-the-top pilot, indeed, the modern day Crocodile Dundee chopper you in and out each day. Imagine criss crossing the Northern Territory. This is the remotest part of the world and you’ll see it like it like the people who live it.


  • Jump into your private airboat to navigate the monsoonal rainforest in search of huge saltwater crocodiles, birds and other plentiful native wildlife. Stop for a great lunch of fresh caught Barramundi and then speed off to your next experience as the airboat fast laps around the marshes.
  • Wake up at first light and head out by chopper to Australia’s most famous, remote and traditional cattle ranch. Situated on 500,000 acres, it's Brahman-cross cattle (and many more wallabies) make for an experience only Australians can brag about.
  • Cross rivers where crocodiles lurk on muddy banks and discover rugged hills inscribed with Aboriginal rock art, gushing streams and crystal clear swimming holes
  • The DreamMaker will take your private group for an authentic Bush tucker experience in Kakadu, combining wildlife and aboriginal bush food gathering followed by a traditional aboriginal campfire bush food cook-up at sunset.
  • You will walk side-by-side with our ranger and aboriginal guide, searching for wildlife, bush foods of plants and animals while crafting a personal safari through the wilderness.