Galapagos Intimate Journey

We start with the traditional Ecuadorian Sierra culture – overflowing market stands, shamanistic healers, fourth-generation hatmakers – mix with a vibrant and sophisticated culinary and nightlife scene.

Then we move on to your island to island exploration. The challenges for most in the Galapagos is the understandably rigid licenses granted for exploring the area. The mostly cruise ships carry you and your group and so “running with the masses” forces you to go with the flow. Our private chartered catamaran allows us to stop & go as we wish, skipping the touristy stops and having plenty of time to enjoy the journey in between.

Experience incredible wildlife encounters, explore lava trails alive with birds, up to the world´s amazing lava formations. The unspoiled nature, the harmonious and balanced ecosystem which has been left completely to develop in its unique own way makes the archipelago a beautiful place.


  • Your own Private Chartered Catamaran exploring the Galapagos Island that is known for its natural wonders and unique wildlife
  • A top PhD in Herpetology flown in from Texas A&M to escort you through this journey into a world of its own.
  • A videographer to take 4K HD video of you and your encounters on each island visited followed by a beautifully produced piece for you and your family & friends
  • Scuba dive or snorkel while swimming with green sea turtles, marine iguanas, playful sea-lions, the world's second smallest penguin and an incredible variety of colorful reef fish
  • Explore Quito, a capital city high in the Andes
  • Kayaking ~ Paddle along the coast of Galapagos and encounter with the local wildlife including sea lions, sea turtles, iguanas, frigate birds and boobies.
  • Hike through the archipelago's remarkably surreal landscape on this unique land based Galapagos.