You think visiting Venice is a breeze?

Think again. You don’t engage the DreamMaker to get you to Venice – The DreamMaker is the one who gets you through Venice. And he does it without letting you see the city suffer the indignity this amazing city is feeling with the onslaught of cruisers (running behind flags), moving from place to place.

Experientiality takes you off the beaten path and gives you an experience starting with the real skinny on why Venice is sinking. The DreamMaker has designed for Experientiality’s guests a way of moving throughout the town in order to avoid the masses. We know everything from the effect of the tides to the best way to move you door to door, and everything in between.

DreamMaker will not consider a trip without one of our professional butlers. They are the essence of the experience and they make the trip. They are the glue. They are freedom from details. Your mind is free of logistics. You never have to pack or unpack, making your trip seamless despite multiple locales. He is your driver. Your concierge. He is living every moment of your vacation for you and only you. You are the last thing he thinks of before sleep and the first when he awakes.

The Colosseum is the most remarkable of all Roman monuments. It’s not just the incredible integrity of the place, or its size, but the sense of its brutal history that resonates: it was here that gladiators clashed earthly battle and condemned prisoners fought off hungry lions. 2,000 years later, it’s still hauling in the crowds. Don’t let the thought of lines deter you, Experientiality’s guests have never been in one.


  • An apartment in the absolutely most perfect spot in Rome - incredibly modern with a classical ambiance
  • Elegant Venice hotel = the Royal Suite with a stunning view of Canal Santa Marina
  • Rome experienced with one of our professional butlers escorting you everywhere you go
  • Gastronomic experience trying all of our favorite Italian specialities over 6/7 restaurants and shops on a whirlwind feasting journey
  • Private Chef and butler serving you in your residence when resting those tired feet
  • Picnic experience on the coast with your chef and butler making magic
  • An Opera singer to surprise your group “reluctantly” singing two pieces Acapella
  • An opportunity to meet the Pope - The DreamMaker can make this happen (families must meet our requirements - 85% probability)
  • Vatican Museum experience in a former master’s apartment
  • Papal’s Private apartment to see his private residence
  • Experience the very special The DreamMaker’s $150 Italian Hot Lather Shave
venice italy St. Mark's Square