We begin in Split, Croatia on a gorgeous yacht and cruising the Adriatic islands for a week. Your private jet takes you to Napoli for a three day whirlwind experience featuring Pompeii, a terrific private cooking class in Ravello, our own pizza making in Positano (with everything lemon!) and a day of leisure in Capri jumping back and forth between tourist and insider.

Your jet then whisks you to Venice for a relaxing weekend and finds you as the only one learning about the “Sinking of Venice” with plenty of down time at a magical property whose view and setting can not be trumped. (If we can’t stay here, we don’t bother coming)!

We end in Lake Bled ~ possibly the most beautiful place in the world if comparing postcards, and yes, every bit as lovely in real life. Your backdrop is some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps making it easy for us to knock people out with the fun we’ve designed over the years in this magical little spot.

Imagine father & son loving the best fly fishing ever with your fresh caught fish grilled riverside and our sommelier introducing local fine wines. We haven’t even got to river boarding, zip lining, a stunning river adventure Tobogganing and hot air ballooning!


  • Six (6) days Cruise on a Yacht ~ Discover the natural and historical treasures of the Adriatic. Experience bay hopping, swimming, snorkelling, visiting villages, exploring the cobble stones streets, pine forests, with vineyards, fruit orchards & lavender fields.
  • Private Jet ~ Cessna Citation Jet for our guests and one small Cirrus to ferry staff, pilots and luggage covering all intra-Europe flights and repositioning
  • Three (3) nights stay at a spectacular Amalfi Coast hilltop property
  • Two (2) nights stay at the single best hotel in Venice a restored 16th-century home with original architectural details and furnishings with an ah-mazing view of the Rialto Bridge
  • Three (3) nights stay at a boutique hotel in Lake Bled ~ Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Bled and Triglav Mountain.
  • A Videographer following just behind and ahead to make sure 20 years from now you can replay each and every experience recorded
  • Fly Fishing (father and son) ~ Enjoy seriously top notch fishing in and around Lake Bled. Inclusive of half-day gear rentals, fishing permits, round trip transfers to the lake, and a professional guide that will be your new best friend
  • Picnic ~ Riverside barbeque butler served picnic with freshly caught rainbow trout and local sommelier as we show’ em how it’s done!
  • Hot Air Ballooning ~ Float over a beautiful deep green Lake Bled and its stupendously gorgeous castle with the mighty Julian Alps as a backdrop, as the sun rises slowly above the not-so-distant Karavanke mountain range
  • River Adventure ~ One day Action trip in Slovenia! - Scenic drive Around the Triglav National Park, canyoning, hiking, waterfalls, suspended bridges, amazing swims, and short train ride
  • Sinking of Venice ~ Venice Menace: Famed City is Sinking & Tilting, all brought alive with your exclusive DreamMaker expert architect explaining the reality regarding the sinking of Venice
  • Pompeii Experience ~ With your Pompeii expert archeologist guide be astounded by its well-preserved remains and have a throw-back walk around the ancient city that was covered by volcanic ashes in 79 AD.
  • Cooking Class in Ravello
  • Pizza making experience in Positano~ DreamMaker created one-hour rental of a pizzeria to learn how to make the kids favorite pizza and the Pizzeria all to themselves
  • A full Day in Capri ~ Have a chance to see many of the island’s best offerings
Port of Dubrovnik from the old city walls
Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church, Lake Bled, Slovenia