With a medley of wild animals, incredible topography, refined dining, and unbelievable experiences, a foray into Africa will win over even the most sophisticated traveler – and the kids will have a serious change in reality. Begin in stunning Capetown, where your butler looks after the ladies and takes the mother and daughter hiking while carrying a picnic to share at the top. A flurry of stops at the beach, spa, and shops has him chauffeuring them to all the best spots in town.

The boys dip off for a couple of days of shooting plains game in some of the most exciting landscapes in the world. Soon, it is time to embark on a two-week journey across the very best game reserves; South Africa, Botswana and Zambia punctuated by a white-knuckle adrenaline activity for the kids in Victoria Falls and a helicopter adventure up the Eastern Cape.

In Botswana, see exotic terrains from the water as adventures begin on canoes. In South Africa, rangers lead you out across the most spectacular plains. The ever-changing scenery might be daunting, but your butler facilitates all (un)packing and has your personal plane waiting for you when you finally decide to change your scenery. All you have to do is arrive at your luxury camp. Your clothes will have been pressed and hanging in your closet, batteries re-charged and clothing laid out for the weather and experience that lies ahead. And when you feel like a change from the communal dinners at camp, your butler will stage a private dinner for you under the stars allowing for a more intimate dinner.


  • Father and son’s three day plains game shooting
  • Mother and daughters three day village hop with spa and ocean bliss
  • 12 private King Air 200 transfers
  • Adrenaline activities such as the gorge swing, zip line, cage diving with great white sharks seal encounter, side cars, Helicopter treks, Zimbabwe waterfall pool, fly a personal helicopter, immersion into history (over dinner) with three of the closest people to interact with Nelson Mandela over his last five years as President
  • Tented safari experience and mixing with the locals. The top three safari camps in South Africa and Botswana.


Boar Hunting

Shark Cage Diving

Gorge Swing
Victoria Falls

Big 5 Private
Game Drives